Laser Candela Gentlelase Pro Alexandrite

The ultimate epilation laser. Fast hair removal, safe, for all skin types. The advanced technology of Gentle Lase Pro delivers fast and efficient, having gained the trust of doctors and patients where it has been applied.

Laser Palomar Fractional 1540

Palomar's non-invasive (non ablative) laser is specialized for the regeneration of the epidermis. It affects the deeper layers of the skin, activates collagen, fills the scars, without destroying the skin's surface layers. It is suitable for skin tightening and treatment of relaxation, wrinkle removal, treatment of acne bumps or scars, reconstruction of the skin. The unique with FDA approval to tackle stretch marks.

Aqua Glo

With Aqua Glu we have simultaneous exfoliation and local infusion, Adjustable Vacuum Massage. A selection of topical skin-specific skin-friendly skin-conditioning solutions is powerful, portable and small.


Celluma series

Relaxing and invigorating, Celluma can be used as a standalone model, after surgery or combined with facials, LASER, microneedling, peels, injections, massage, hair removal and much more. Those with sensitive, reactive or prone skin will enjoy the powerful effects of Celluma on anti-age and anti-acne treatment.