Hair removal

The modern Epilator Laser, using a monochromatic light beam, in combination with a skin cooler, results in skin protection and at the same time the selective destruction of hair through the absorption of hair melanin. In combination with the experience and knowledge the doctor's method gives the greatest possible results, with the greatest safety.


1. Fractional 1540 laser which, with skin micro-injury, causes fibroblasts to produce collagen and elastin, the two components that have been drastically reduced in relaxation.
4-6 treatments and maintenance are required at regular intervals.

How many sessions are required:

The number of sessions depends on the area, the quality of the hair and other factors affecting the normal hair cycle such as age, hormones, hereditary predisposition. For example, bikini-tibia, 8-10 sessions .

Soft pain and redness with swelling that recedes in a few hours.