Emotions are almost always expressed through intense grimaces and movements of our facial muscles. but these movements lead to gradual exhaustion of collagen.
The creation of known unwanted expression wrinkles that remain in a resting state, creating the wrong impressions, and give us a look tired.
Here comes the botulinum toxin (Botox) protein to help us rid this tired, angry image 24 hours a day.


The application is done throughout the year with small insulin needles on the front (wrinkles of surprise) mesofryo (wrinkle wrinkles) cheekbones upper cheek (smoky wrinkles) in the brow for small eyelid retraction, décolleté and palm-muscles for subterranean

The duration of the treatment is about 30 minutes, but the result lasts from 3-6 months. It is reported that this period is prolonged with repeated applications. Also, the newer data recommend that we start treatment at a younger age (25 to 30) to prevent the installation of permanent wrinkles. Proper study and application of treatment results in a person resting rather than frozen.

From the second, third 24 hours, we begin to see small changes that end up in 15 days. We and the others around us see a restful and calm face.

Mild pain during infusion Redness that recedes in a few hours. Exacerbation may occasionally occur at the injection site that subsides within a few days.
Unsymmetrical wrinkle reduction, which you correct in a recurrent appointment within 15 days. It is a safe and safe treatment for the body.