Chemical peelings

They are substances applied to the skin to accelerate the normal exfoliation of the skin in a controlled manner until new skin develops in this position.
What We Cure With Peeling:
  • Acne
  • Photoluminescent Skin
  • Melanchrome and Melasma

Apply to face, neckline, hands, ridge

  • Surface-friendly application, short recovery time on all skin types
  • Medium Depth
    defiles deeper and causes noticeable exfoliation. The main representative is the TCA

  • The problem we want to heal
  • The expectations we expect
  • The type of skin
    Also, the way of life, work and the length of time to heal will be disregarded.
  • Skin preparation is usually done 15 days before peeling with special dermocosmetics.



we clean the skin and apply the peeling which we leave for a few minutes and rinse it with water.

- Mild rhythm that recedes quickly.

It is similar to the surface but here we can leave more time on the skin or apply more layers.
I may feel a slight burning that recedes quickly.
Medium depth Peeling is the Mela peeling that is mainly applied to the facial discolorations.

Depending on the peeling to be used will feel the following:

A mild tingling or burning that takes a few minutes
In the following days, little or no exfoliation of the skin depends on the type of peeling that has been selected

  • The type of skin
  • The problem in the skin
  • The recovery time